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Those first days taught me the power of a laugh caught juuuust at the right moment and tiny shoes stomping through the flower garden. They taught me that the most insignificant details can come to mean the most and that the stories behind the images we treasure, and the emotions they stir up in us, are what flood our hearts with sunlight when life sends us storms. Inspired by this realization, I’ve spent the last twelve years of my life behind a camera, and since dedicating my career to exclusively capturing weddings like yours, I’ve never looked back! I love serving couples and their families by creating one-of-a-kind portrait experiences that allow personalities to shine and true romance to bloom. 

When I was little – between bike rides to the corner store to buy mega freezes with my sister – I dreamed of what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be when I grew up. The only problem was that I wanted to be pretty much everything! As I wandered along the wooded path behind my parents’ house in Caledon, Ontario, I imagined becoming a UN Peacekeeper, a social worker or opening my own childcare centre. But it wasn’t until my husband was deployed during the early days of my first son’s life that I found my true calling: preserving memories. I didn’t want my husband to miss a single second of our baby’s life, so I snatched up a camera and set to work capturing absolutely everything. 

Photographer, Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur

When I’m not photographing weddings and engagement sessions, my husband Josh and I spend our spare time travelling as a family with our two boys. 

We’ve had the exciting experience of teaching our children about the wonders of the underwater world, exploring the oceans with dive tanks on our backs. Listening to our sons' excited squeals through their regulators when they discover a new species or something new will always be a core memory of mine. 

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Toss the confetti, and pour the champagne! He’s popped the question, and now it’s time to plan the biggest party you’ll ever throw! And I want to be there by your side through it all, preserving the best moments big and small in brilliant, timeless images.

When I'm not photographing weddings and engagements, you can find me planning our next cut flower gardens, hiking great landscapes or diving in the Sea of Cortez. I truly love to be outdoors and find inspiration in those moments of stillness, nature and light.

owner and primary photographer


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La Paz, Mexico is our second home from November through April. Our family truly enjoys the incredible biodiversity of the Cabo San Lucas area and have found a true connection with the community here. 

From May through October by husband Josh has tended to our cut flower farm with all of my favourite florals in the prettiest of palettes. I truly love being able to see lush flowers all throughout our property, inside our home and of course, selling bundles for others to enjoy as well.

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Capturing weddings in both canada and mexico has given me great joy