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xoxo, stephanie and co.

Toss the confetti, and pour the champagne! He’s popped the question, and now it’s time to plan the biggest party you’ll ever throw! And we want to be there by your side through it all, preserving the best moments big and small in brilliant, timeless images.
With our signature lighthearted elegance, we believe with all our first-dance-loving hearts that romance and sophistication don’t have to be stuffy. Classiness and candids can coexist, and we are thrilled to show you how! We specialize in narrative storytelling, and we aspire to turn the wedding photos of your dreams into the ones hanging over your cozy fireplace in your first home.
On the big day, when your hands are shaking with finger tingly anticipation, we will help you perfect your veil, and when your bridesmaids are giggling with you on the walk to the ceremony, we will be there to sneak hair ties off wrists. We will move mountains (well, the giant armoire in the bridal suite, anyway) to get the perfect shot, and we vow to give you that fresh-out-of-a-magazine wedding gallery without killing the vibe of your tribe. And when the last sparkler has faded and your bridal bouquet has dried, you’ll be able to relive each moment from the best day of your life in such vivid detail that you’ll never lose a single second.
So, when your cheeks hurt from all the smiling, and you’re drinking in the magic of your fairytale wedding day come gloriously to life, we can’t wait to be by your side delighting in it all with you…and turning your memories into art.

meet stephanie and the team

xoxo, stephanie

When I was little – between bike rides to the corner store to buy mega freezes with my sister – I dreamed of what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be when I grew up. The only problem was that I wanted to be pretty much everything! As I wandered along the wooded path behind my parents’ house in Caledon, Ontario, I imagined becoming a UN Peacekeeper, a social worker or opening my own childcare centre. But it wasn’t until my husband was deployed during the early days of my first son’s life that I found my true calling: preserving memories.
I didn’t want my husband to miss a single second of our baby’s life, so I snatched up a camera and set to work capturing absolutely everything. Those first days taught me the power of a laugh caught juuuust at the right moment and tiny shoes stomping through the flower garden. They taught me that the most insignificant details can come to mean the most and that the stories behind the images we treasure, and the emotions they stir up in us, are what flood our hearts with sunlight when life sends us storms.
Inspired by this realization, I’ve spent the last nine years of my life behind a camera, and since dedicating my career to exclusively capturing weddings like yours, I’ve never looked back! I love serving couples and their families by creating one-of-a-kind portrait experiences that allow personalities to shine and true romance to bloom. But most of all, I love all the people I’ve been able to meet – whether as clients or associate photographers – and I can’t wait to get to know you, too!
When I’m not hanging with clients or editing my latest gallery, you can probably catch me snacking away during a family movie night, sipping a full-bodied cab over a charcuterie board with the girls, or scouring Homesense for another bit of seasonal décor (sorry, babe!). But if I don’t meet you out in the wild, say hello so we can start planning your wedding day!

owner and primary photographer

stephanie mason

xoxo, rachael

This overflowing bundle of personality is such a delight to have on our team. With her creative eye and attention to detail, she unfailingly gets the perfect shot...while also remembering to tell the guys to empty their bulky pockets before bridal party portraits! She consistently amazes me with unique shots I would never have thought to take and is such a blast to have by your side on a wedding day. When she isn’t working with us, Rachel can be found toiling away on her own newborn photography business or living her best life in the countryside with her husband, three boys, and three dogs. 

primary and secondary photographer

rachael james

xoxo, sandra

Sandra | If you ever want to find this bubbly member of our team, just listen for a never ending stream of genuine, uplifting encouragement! Sandra is one of those magical unicorns who immediately becomes friends with every person she meets, enabling her to draw out the genuine personalities of every client who steps in front of her lens. Her positive energy and talent with a camera make her such a gift to our team. When she’s not meeting with clients or photographing a session, you can probably catch her tending her incredible garden at her home on the outskirts of Ottawa where she lives with her husband and dogs. 

primary and associate photographer

sandra kielback

xoxo, amy

Amy | Look up “small but mighty,” and a picture of this mega-talented second shooter will be the first thing that pops up! With her laughing-too-hard-to-breathe sense of humor, she can draw out some of the most natural smiles from clients and can also wrangle family members for portraits while keeping the energy and spirits high. Like all the girls I have the pleasure to work with, she just feels like an extension of our family, and on your wedding day, she’ll feel like one of yours, too! Amy works for a photobooth company in the Ottawa suburbs where she lives with her husband and beautiful daughter. 

associate photographer

amy godin

xoxo, alisa

With a heart oriented toward service, this second shooter truly goes above and beyond in every possible way. Alice constantly shows her devotion to our clients by producing high-quality work while also making sure everyone is fed, hydrated, and feeling their best. If there is anything she can do to sprinkle a little more magic on a wedding day, you can rest assured that she'll be on it in a flash! She adds such a sparkle to our team, and any chance to work with her is one I treasure. Alice lives in the ‘burbs of Ottawa with her husband and sweet daughter. 

associate photographer

Alisa Kryvoruchko

xoxo, teah

Meet our organizational queen, kind soul and flatlay guru! Teah has a sixth sense about when the perfect candid moment is about to happen, and she is ever-ready to catch it on camera and add it to your gallery. Because of her warm, friendly demeanor, she has such a knack for making even the shyest couples feel at ease in front of the camera. She’s a vital member of our team, and we just couldn’t do it without her! Teah currently lives downtown where she is working toward a master’s degree. 

associate photographer

teah lizee

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