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We’ve all seen those stunning photos of a radiant bride surrounded by her best girls in floral robes as they pop the first bottle of champagne on a wedding day. The location is pristine. The light is flawless. And the atmosphere makes you want to dive in and join them. It all looks like such a dream!

…but did you know your very own getting ready photos could look just as good! 

I believe any bride can have a ripped-from-the-magazine wedding gallery, and I’m going to share my eight top secrets to achieving yours!

Location, location location  | I can’t emphasize enough have vital your prep location is to how your final photos turn out. Sure you can save a few bucks by tossing your dress on in the tiny bathroom at your venue, but by choosing a beautifully lit and decorated space that will comfortably accommodate your whole girl gang, even if it’s offsite, you’ll set the scene for perfect photos…and have a blast, too!

Maid of honour zipping up brides dress at Le Belvedere

Think white, light and bright  | It may seem trivial to consider something like the wall color of the room where you’re going to put on the most important dress you’ll ever wear, but trust me! It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your final gallery. Bright, light spaces will give your skin a flattering glow without bouncing strange colors around the room. And artificial light creates a yellow cast and dims the sparkle in your eye. We highly recommend locations like Stonefields Estate or Le Belvedere because of their large windows and clutter-free walls. But no matter which location you choose, look for big windows, a ton of natural light, and simple decor (leave the granny art at the door). 

Pack your details in advance  | While it wouldn’t be the end of the world, let’s do our absolute best to avoid “Oh no! I forgot!” moments on your wedding day. This is why we recommend packing your “day of” bag a week in advance. And if you aren’t quite sure what your photographer needs you to bring, just ask! We have a recommended list here for you to check out if you forget.

Bride getting ready with Mom at Stonefields Estate

Classic is key  | For wedding photos you’re going to love when you’re 82 and the trends have changed a million times over, go for classic pieces over trendy ones. When it comes to things like dress hanger, champagne flutes and robes or pjs, go for a simple, clean, timeless look. Wooden hangers, crystal glasses and floral robes will never be out of date.


Plan ahead with hair and makeup  | The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is deciding whether you want an updo or down do, a berry lip or a red one! Prepare ahead of time with your hair and makeup artists, preferably through a trial run, so they know exactly what you want and where. We also recommend you coordinate their arrival time with your photographer’s so that most of your makeup is done when the photographer arrives but not quite all of it. For example, most of your girls would probably rather their foundation be applied for photos, but wouldn’t mind lip gloss and eyeshadow application to fill out your gallery. 


Avoid creases and lines  | This might sound crazy, but plan on showing up the morning of your wedding braless and hair-tie-on-your-wristless. They create lines on your skin that fade slowly and are probably best kept out of photos. You may want to share this tip with your bridesmaids, too! 

Extend the invitation  | Just because someone isn’t a bridesmaid doesn’t mean she can’t get ready with you on the morning of your wedding! Want to have your hair curled next to your mom, nanna or college roommate? Invite her along! I promise, nothing gets our nostalgia going like a picture of a bride and her momma getting their hair done together in their pjs. 


Pop the bubbly!  | This is a celebration, afterall! Get the giggles started first thing in the morning with a champagne toast or some mimosas. It makes for fun pictures, and an experience you’ll treasure forever!

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