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Over the years I’ve spent countless hours scouting the perfect locations that will compliment both our brand and our couples. Within the Ottawa area, there are many picturesque locations depending on the aesthetic of the session. This post is compiled of our favourite photo locations, which I’m always open to sharing.

I think it’s kind of funny when I hear other photographers being so secretive about their photo spots. How each photographer shoots a certain location and how I may photograph it will look very different. Right? I don’t own these locations and thought it might be nice to share some of my favourite spots around our beautiful city! Remember we all start somewhere so being helpful and kind should always stay at the forefront of who you are. I’m an open book, so if you need any help please reach out!

We’ve photographed everything from the delicate blossoms, the hustle and bustle of downtown to the peaceful sandy beaches. With that being said, we are always looking for the next ideal location to best serve our couples in the Ottawa area.

Dominion Arboretum
I think I pretty much live here most of the year. The arboretum comes to life in the Spring with a wide variety of blossoming trees, pathways and bridges. There’s rolling hills that leads you to the Rideau River. There are so many photo opportunities here without stepping on anyones toes so you don’t really need to wait for “the spot” to create magic here. The Spring can be quite swamped with everyone trying to catch those beautiful blossoms but then calms back down over the Summer into Fall. 

Experimental Farm
The gardens at the Experimental Farm are a macro photography lovers dream. I’m constantly in awe with how much work goes into maintaining these gardens year around. There always seems to be fresh blooms popping up as the old ones fade away. Spring and Summer sessions here are quite fragrant and offer a lot of opportunity to work with a variety of colourful backdrops. Within a short walking distance, you will also have the opportunity to photograph the several greenhouses.

Lime Kiln Trail
Lime Kiln Trail is one of my favourite places in the Fall. The Spring can be quite muddy here and the Summer the bugs can be a good reason to avoid this spot with families unless you are prepared with bug spray. But in the Fall, it’s that perfect balance of vibrant colour with the changing foliage mixed with the soft white birch trees framing your subjects. Bird lovers can also rejoice here as the sweet little chickadees will eat right out of your hands as its located right next to a bird sanctuary. These birds have come to really trust us here. As you head further into the trail, you will see wooden walking pathways, thick forests, stone ruins and large open green spaces. If you haven’t been here, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Walter Baker Park
Walter Baker Park is certainly very underrated. When you give it a quick google search it really doesn’t look like much but man oh man are there pockets of heaven here. My favourite time to photograph here is Fall with the foliage changing, the long grasses glistening in the sun and pockets of waterways. You can really get creative here and the light is just stunning!

Museum of History 
If architecture is your jam, this is your place! The Museum of History is located in Gatineau so technically not an Ottawa location but what is a quick 2 minute drive across a bridge, right? I love photographing at the museum, especially in the Spring. The tulips are full here and the trees blossom beautifully, usually without the insane crowds that the Dominion Arboretum bring at that time of year. The galleries from this location have a wonderful mix of neutral urban backdrops which you can really rock interesting composition with, along with colourful gardens and pathways surrounded by greenery. It is a winning combination for sure.

Mill of Kintail
Even though this location may seem a bit far, it’s worth the drive. Photographing here is always so peaceful in comparison to some of the busier more central locations. The Mill of Kintail features wide open fields with long grass, gravel pathways, a beautiful stone building, gorgeous waterways, a bridge and a forested area ready for you to explore.  

Hogs Back Park
Though I don’t photograph many sessions here, it’s still definitely worth mentioning. The walk down to the water is really beautiful, especially in the Fall. The park also has a timeless romantic movie-esque quality with their tree lined walkways. If you are looking for something a little more simple this location also offers wide open fields with long grasses as well as manicured lawns.

Majors Hill Park Downtown lovers this place is for you! I just love shooting at Majors Hill Park for so many reasons. The iconic Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Parliament and views of Gatineau are all within only a few feet of each other. The gardens are well maintained all year around so if you are looking for a good mix of architecture, views, gardens and history this place is certainly for you. My only wise words about this location is to always check ahead of time to make sure there aren’t any festivals taking place on the grounds. It can become quite busy with events like the Tulip Festival, Winterlude and other festivities Ottawa hosts.

Lansdowne Pavilion
Aside from a really fun place to photograph, it’s also a great place for a date night! Lansdowne Pavilion offers gorgeous historical buildings, charming older neighbourhoods, mature tree lined streets with a short walk to the waterfront and locks. If photographing a couple or family, it’s a wonderful place to end the session with a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants located here. 

Constance Bay Beach 
If I had to pick one thing I miss about living on the East coast, it would be the quality of beaches. Constance Bay Beach (in my opinion) is one of the nicest beaches we have in the city. The sand is soft and I love the tall grasses. Photographing on the beach is a photographers dream (or maybe that’s just me?). The light bounces everywhere allowing for some really beautiful images to take place. 

If you see me out shooting at one of these places, make sure to say hello! 

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