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My husband and I have been married for twelve years already. Over the past few years, we’ve decided that we’d rather celebrate with one another over new experiences rather than exchanging gifts. By doing this, we’ve created some really magical memories both together by ourselves and with our children.

This year was a little different of course with our world experiencing a pandemic. We couldn’t just choose anywhere to visit and needed to take reasonable precaution when selecting our next destination. With the Covid cases climbing globally in certain destinations and the quarantine regulations in place locally, we felt it was the safest decision to stay within Canada and support our local economy. Our country is magnificent after all!

My husband planned the whole trip including the stay at one of our favourite hotel chains. We arrived at the Calgary airport and made the short drive to the breathtaking Fairmont Lake Louise, located in an idyllic mountainous setting and perfect for a romantic getaway.

The Fairmont Lake Louise Experience

Upon arrival we settled in to our lake view room and dined at one of the gourmet restaurants located within the hotel. The hotel itself is a piece of history, opened by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1882. Staying in a luxury hotel that has been in our beautiful country for 138 years in an incredible feeling all on its own! Our world has changed considerably since then and of course my romantic mind imagined all of the timeless weddings taking place at this magical venue.

The service at any Fairmont we’ve enjoyed world class service with such personable experiences with all of the staff. It’s truly an experience all on it’s own staying at the Fairmont. If you want to feel right out of a Disney movie, stay here.

Hiking Around Lake Louise

Waking up on the first morning felt surreal. Opening the curtains to a glacier lake is an experience I hope you all have the opportunity to enjoy one day. If you enjoy nature walks and hikes in some of the most picturesque locations, you will love Lake Louise!

Our first hike was to Lake Agnes where we took in the views and spent the morning sipping chai lattes at Lake Agnes Tea House. I decided to capture the entire hike solely on film so I’m patiently waiting for those film scans to arrive from my lab. I’ll be sure to update this post, once those land in my inbox.

The images below are from our strolls around Lake Louise, located within steps from our hotel:

Our Anniversary Session

To capture and mark this milestone in our lives, we decided to commission the talented Kristyn Harder Photography for an anniversary session at the neighbouring Moraine Lake. Thank you so much Kristyn for creating these for us!

Below are some of our favourites from our time spent with her:

Romantic Engagement Sessions in Lake Louise

While in Lake Louise I was also had the opportunity to photograph a romantic engagement session with one of our sweet couples that are getting married at the iconic Fairmont Chateau Laurier next year. The couple will be flying into Ottawa to celebrate their nuptials. Our whole team is so excited to capture Christina and Rob’s beautiful love story.

Are You A Canadian Bride-to-Be?

Did you know our wedding photography team travels all over the world to document the most elegant of celebrations? If you are a bride-to-be and wanting to give your guests a magical travel experience to celebrate your wedding, let’s schedule a virtual meeting! We’d be honoured to create timeless imagery of one of the best day’s of your life!


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